The Bloqs Cafe

This week, I would like to introduce to you an amazing space for artists and makers of all disciplines, which opened just over a year ago in North London.
Building Bloqs, as it is called, is a member based workspace, providing users facilities so they can process wood, metal, paper, plastics, and fabrics, and make almost anything imaginable.
The latest addition to this inspiring environment is the Bloqs Cafe, which offers food and drinks to users and friends of Building Bloqs in a beautiful setting.

I would like to introduce the Bloqs Cafe by way of this week’s menu, which I had the honour to design.

the design of the menu incorporates a shot of the cafe at the opening night on the May, 10, 2013

Building Bloqs is located in Edmonton, North London, just 2 minutes walk from the canal and Tottenham Marshes in Lea Valley Nature Reserve.
For more information visit:
bloqs cafe (facebook page)
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