From Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust / Etching and Sketching / We’re all gonna go Bust…
Digital versus Analog / New York and Berlin / The truth never lies….no Truth Herein /
// Degeneration #1//
It would be really good if all this here could just stay this crap. Cause that’s better. //
//Degeneration #2//
The Barbican…oh yeah…the Barbican (Centre).
                          // Degeneration #3//
Better in the same way as a garbage bag, which has been emptied onto the floor, might be more interesting than any piece of art. But only as long as it thinks of itself as garbage, not as art.
//Degeneration #4//
In the middle of the night arrived who?: Beelzebub…he was very funny.
                //Degeneration #5//
But what about LA? // Degeneration #6//
Now, it can only degenerate.
//Degeneration #7//
In Dubai I withdrew some money from the ATM machine.
         // Degeneration #8//
and then?….to put what? on the table /// Don’t be intimidated buy this.
//Degeneration #9//

© by Rupert Jaeger, all rights reserved

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