Monthly Archives: July 2015

22: Nostalgia

A fellow user named Hamsa, 43, who also hangs out in the Taunusanlage, paints a […] picture of the time when heroin was still the favoured drug in the Bahnhofsviertel: “Back then, everyone was friends. People talked to each other, did things together. Now that’s all over.  These days, drug addicts can stay awake for days at a time, just looking for ways to support their habits. Any sense of community is long gone.


17: Repetition

1. the action of repeating something that has already been said or written.
“the images were worthy of repetition”
reiteration, repeating, restatement, retelling, iteration, recapitulation; recital, rehearsal; informal recap; rare reprise, iterance
repeating, echoing, parroting, quoting, copying; echolalia

the recurrence of an action or event. 2.
“there was to be no repetition of those images”
recurrence, reoccurrence, repeat, rerun, replication, duplication; echo :synonyms