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Scene 2: At The Secret Compound


In the eastern part of the city, an untrustworthy looking man is walking down an empty side street until he reaches a dead end. Although the area is desolate, he looks around himself before taking a communications device from his pocket. He types a long sequence of numbers on it. After a few seconds, a hitherto hidden door automatically opens in the wall in front of him.




The untrustworthy looking man enters a room that appears to be a lobby of some kind, yet it is rather run down and full of old furniture. As the secret door closes behind him, he walks further into the room, towards a bar area with a rusty cappuccino machine and white cardboard coffee cups bearing a strange green logo. He pauses for a short moment as he looks at the bar and then continues to walk to the far left corner of the room and down a set of stairs.




At the bottom of the stairs, the untrustworthy looking man again enters a sequence of numbers in his communications device, to which a metal door opens, revealing a white, brightly lit room. It contains a variety of strange objects, mechanical contraptions and electronic interfaces, which are neatly arranged throughout the space and along the walls. The untrustworthy looking man walks to the centre of the room and stops in front of a large apparatus of unspecified nature . After a few seconds, the lights in the room gradually dim, while the contraptions and devices around the space initiate. The various electronic interfaces activate simultaneously, some displaying a figure in a strange white suit, others a figure completely in black.


A warm, yet slightly electronic sounding voice suddenly fills the room at gentle volume.


Welcome back Master! Do you want to arm system?


adjective: untrustworthy

not able to be relied on as honest or truthful.
“He was generally considered to be a devious and untrustworthy human being”

dishonest, deceitful, not to be trusted, double-dealing, treacherous, traitorous, two-faced, Janus-faced, unfaithful, duplicitous, dishonourable, unprincipled, unscrupulous, corrupt, shady, shifty, underhand; unreliable, undependable, capricious, fickle, slippery;
informal iffy; informal dodgy; informal shonky
“our products are exposed to an untrustworthy treasurer”;

trustworthy, reliable;


The Story of the Blue Eyes

Once upon a time, there was a young artist who had eyes of unusual bright blue colour. They exuded the creativity, curiosity and innocence with which he looked at the world and his fellow human beings.

The ‘Blue Eyed Artist’, as he was known, lived in an unassuming little house, which was surrounded by an evil metropolis. Unknown to his wicked landlord, the house was a refuge for fellow artists, bohemians, mavericks and other subversive elements from all over the city. They would gather there to exchange ideas, recite poetry or debate the metropolis and its merciless energy.

One fine evening, a small festivity was taking place in the parlour of the house, when a fellow artist said to the host: ‘Through your blue eyes, I can see your soul! Let me take an image thereof.’ To this, a heated debate ensued on whether an image can take a person’s soul, for good or for bad. The Blue Eyed Artist stayed quiet, at first.

‘I trust in art,’ suddenly, said he, ‘and I trust in you, my Fellow! Take my image.’ And so his image was taken.

The years went by, and the wicked landlord demanded ever more rent, so the Blue Eyed Artist had to go forth and try his luck in the evil city, let it cost what it will.

He soon lost his friends, only to find new ones of the shallow kind, and started to worship insatiable mechanisms that measure the world in zeros and ones. Yet he earned great respect for creating commercial effigies, coordinating communications for global entities and developing interfaces that allow humans to interact with machines. He was known as the ‘Blue Eyed Master’ now, and his creativity, eloquence and personality were highly regarded amongst his peers.

One day, he went on a secret assignment to an undisclosed location, where high-net-worth individuals would regularly congregate to indulge in the nectar of the green Siren. The Blue Eyed Master had gone there to sell retail concepts to unsuspecting international property developers.

He was just about to conclude an important transaction, when suddenly his evil communications device vibrated. An anonymous source had sent him a message containing nothing but a link to a subversive left wing news outlet. A shiver ran down the Blue Eyed Master’s spine. He paused for a moment and with a sense of foreboding, followed the link.

Thereupon, he was looking at a photo of himself, staring at the camera with his blue eyes. Underneath, was written: ‘Would you trust this man?’, followed by a scientific explanation of why men with cold blue eyes are untrustworthy human beings.

After a moment of shock and disbelief, he realised that he was looking at his own self as a young man in the little house many years ago. Long had he felt that he was selling his soul to the devil. Yet looking at his own mirror image, he understood that he himself, in fact, was the ‘Blue Eyed Devil’.