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Dear Dad

Do You remember, on a hot day in August a few months ago, you did something very strange. Something, I would have never expected you – You, of all people – to do: You died.
I still do not understand, why you did what you did. It was so out of character. But now, suddenly, everyone is doing it. The young and the old, the rich and the poor, the beautiful, the ugly, the good and the bad. I think you were onto something there, you captured the spirit of the times.
I wonder though, if this is genuine, or just another short lived phenomenon of our consumer society.

25: Network Instrument

The participants were shown an item, taken from the possessions of someone, who was believed to have had some form of contact with each of the participants at least once. The particular item was chosen, because it seemed most likely not to evoke associations other than its acquired operational characteristics. It was therefore considered to be better suited as an aid for the participants to delineate their personal networks without having to take into account any circumstances or events that had, at any point, led to or had contributed to the establishment [or modification] of the network [or any of its constituents part(s)] itself.