This site is like a public sketchbook that I use to explore ideas, test concepts or just throw a few thoughts into the public arena. I call it my journal, and as such it is an integral part of developing my art projects. The ideas that actually end up as fully developed art works can be found on my other site:

However intuitive, and sometimes random posts may appear, there is actually a system to the madness. So here are a few guidelines on how to explore this journal:

Most posts are part of a wider concept with often large numbers of related posts. I call those Campaigns, whereby some posts may be part of several campaigns at once. Campaigns are always displayed in reverse order, with the latest post on top.

There are three general Strands, along which I look at the world, although there are many overlaps, hence why most campaigns can be found in more than one strand. Each strand also features a selection of particularly relevant individual posts.

Art for art’s sake, the art of life, and life as an artist. Everything that’s visual, visceral and poetic.

The business of life, life as business, but also strictly business. All things cerebral, rational and cold.

Neither art, nor business, just my take on life and the state of the world, it’s structure and an analysis thereof.

Enjoy the ride.