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15: Preliminary Explanation

[ One of What? ]
The Beginning of something.
[ Two of How Many? ]
A visual anecdote about a special place in London, with a reference to a famous literary tale. The anecdote was the beginning of something a little more specific.
[ Three: Economics ]
a) see 23
b) Referring, in this particular case, to the beginning of something economic.
[ 4: A True Story ]
A story that was once in accordance with reality; currently in the process of general transformation.
More specifically, one that is being refined, endlessly reproduced, mutated and falsified;
with the intention to relate the story to certain places and moments that had initially inspired the story.
[ Five: Obsession ]
A place and a moment, and more of thereof, represented in an image of an image, continually preoccupying and intruding on a particular person’s mind.
[ 6: Papa und Ich ]
The author as a child with his father.
[ 7: Emigration ]
A message about Emigration.
[ 8: Money is an Artistic Device ]
A statement referring to something obvious.
[ 9: Naturalization ]
Something that becomes natural.
[ 10: Art Money in Bushwick ]
A hitherto unknown currency, which the protagonist unsuccessfully attempted to use for the purchase of a coffee on Bushwick Avenue.
[ 11: Hyperthymesic Detail ]
The detail of a photograph, which was to prove crucial in the search for something extremely specific.
[ Twelve of What ]
Two adjacent places that relate to (4:) A True Story, but have nothing to do with it.
[ 13: Time Travels of a Savant ]
A snapshot of a Savant’s search for a very specific view, as seen from a particular place towards another, particular, place in New York City. The moment the view had originally been captured does not exist any more.
[ 14: The Importance of Writing ]
A series of images.
[ 15: Preliminary Explanation ]
An attempt to describe, and therefore define, a process that at its initiation had no other purpose than itself.
[ 16: The Protagonist ]
Another moment in a process; a moment that, at this moment, does not exist.