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Dollars, Pounds n’ Euros, Baby

Life goes in strange circles, and you often realise when you least expect it. I was going through my computer files the other day, on my various external hard disks, just to make sure everything is well organised and, more importantly, backed up properly. My work is my bread and butter, or so the concept of work implies, but as an artist it isn’t quite as straightforward as this. In any case, we live in a digital age, so my files are my work, that much I can say with confidence.

At one point, I came across a whole bunch of photos that I had nearly forgotten about. This is where the idea of the circle comes back, for the second time in this case, in fact. Somehow, at least.

Finding the photos made me realise, I’ve gone commercial, and then back again, yet I’ve never done anything with those photos, and the project they’re about. When in fact it is all about, how everything began.


The little photo story, is part 1 of 3. Part 2 and 3 will follow in the course of this summer.

Surreal Business Cycle (prototype #1)

Surreal Business Cycle‘ was the first in my image & light installation series. I had been experimenting with the juxtaposition of video and printed images before, but for this project I combined them to create a sculptural piece that was literally made out of images, with a video at the core of the sculpture. Technically, ‘Surreal Business Cycle‘ is a 35 x 20 x 20 cm glass box that is almost entirely covered with semi-translucent images. A video screen is installed in the lower centre, in portrait format at a 45 degree angle, playing mostly split-screen stop-frame animation.

The concept of the piece is part of a bigger experimental narrative, which follows the trail of images and events that originated in the revisiting of a moment that originally took place in Barcelona, Spain, on the 22nd of September 2001 at 15:17:28 hrs. The ‘protagonist’, like a time traveler from the future, forensically examines the remnants and their visual surfaces of a time bygone, with a particular obsession for the currencies of ‘Old Europe’, found in a seemingly random manner on walls of cities across Europe and beyond.

The printed images form a collage of memories, snapshots of urban decay and fragments of a loose narrative, while the video illuminates the object from the inside, thereby creating a semi-translucent object that takes on different meaning depending on the angle of the observer.

© by Rupert Jaeger 2012

Surreal Business Cycle‘ was shown as part of the ‘Mnemonic City’ series. The exhibition took place in the Doomed Gallery, Dalston, London under the banner ‘Mnemonic City: Plato’s Cave’ with other work of 12 artists of Magma Collective.