Monthly Archives: June 2016

‘When there was Certainty’

When there was Certainty‘ is the reproduction of a physical reality, which provided a universal sense of certainty to humankind during a now bygone era of history. In its reproduction, this reality has been adapted, at scale 1:50, to the needs of contemporary consumer society. Measuring 35 x 50 x 23 cm (imperial: 14 x 20 x 9 in), it is easy to transport and complies with cabin baggage regulations of all major European budget airlines.

When there was Certainty‘ was first presented to the public on June 23, 2016, in Lisbon, Portugal, and is currently on display in that city at Gallery Givelowe. Future exhibitions are planned in a number of European cities and towns, including Calais (France), Graz (Austria), Idomeni (Greece) and Berlin (Germany).

‘When there was Certainty’ is currently shown as part of ‘Memorabilia’, a group exhibition at Gallery GivLowe in Lisbon, Portugal; Praça de S. Paulo 13-15, 1200 Lisboa, Portugal. 23/06 – 17/07/2016