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Pay Me or I will go Commercial

This garment is a must-have for any artist, singer, musician, filmmaker or anyone else trying to make it in the creative industry. Show who you are, what you want and what you’re made of. In other words, show how far you are willing to bend over in this cut- throat industry. You will not make this statement in vain!
This vintage item has nostalgic value and is available new – in all sizes and 2 different colours – or in its original, worn, sleeveless version from the rebellious early 2000’s.

© by Rupert Jaeger, all rights reserved

Inner Peace


This soft, comfortable, eco- and animal-friendly produced T-Shirt, is the perfect garment for meditations, yoga, or any other spiritual activities.
Outside of the spiritual home, it’ll make sure you’ll always give out the right vibes to the people around you…

© by Rupert Jaeger, all rights reserved

Destroy Berlin

In a world where you always have to be one step ahead of the trend…this T-Shirt will make sure you’re the talk of the town, wherever you are!
Also very popular with women, available in white and black (with white text) for the the ultimate dark and trendy statement.

Destroy Berlin, #DestroyBerlin © by Rupert Jaeger, all rights reserved