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// Production #1//
It would have been really good if all this could  have just stayed as crap as it had been.. Cause that would have been better. //
                          // Production #2//
Better in the same way as a garbage bag, which has been emptied onto the floor, might be more interesting than any piece of art. But only as long as it thinks of itself as garbage, not as art.
//Production #3//
Once upon a time, I withdrew some money from an ATM machine in Dubai.
Since then, everything has been degenerating //Production #4//
//Production #5//
But what about LA?
         //Production #6//
and then?….to put what? on the table /// Don’t be intimidated buy this.

17: Repetition

1. the action of repeating something that has already been said or written.
“the images were worthy of repetition”
reiteration, repeating, restatement, retelling, iteration, recapitulation; recital, rehearsal; informal recap; rare reprise, iterance
repeating, echoing, parroting, quoting, copying; echolalia

the recurrence of an action or event. 2.
“there was to be no repetition of those images”
recurrence, reoccurrence, repeat, rerun, replication, duplication; echo :synonyms

15: Preliminary Explanation

[ One of What? ]
The Beginning of something.
[ Two of How Many? ]
A visual anecdote about a special place in London, with a reference to a famous literary tale. The anecdote was the beginning of something a little more specific.
[ Three: Economics ]
a) see 23
b) Referring, in this particular case, to the beginning of something economic.
[ 4: A True Story ]
A story that was once in accordance with reality; currently in the process of general transformation.
More specifically, one that is being refined, endlessly reproduced, mutated and falsified;
with the intention to relate the story to certain places and moments that had initially inspired the story.
[ Five: Obsession ]
A place and a moment, and more of thereof, represented in an image of an image, continually preoccupying and intruding on a particular person’s mind.
[ 6: Papa und Ich ]
The author as a child with his father.
[ 7: Emigration ]
A message about Emigration.
[ 8: Money is an Artistic Device ]
A statement referring to something obvious.
[ 9: Naturalization ]
Something that becomes natural.
[ 10: Art Money in Bushwick ]
A hitherto unknown currency, which the protagonist unsuccessfully attempted to use for the purchase of a coffee on Bushwick Avenue.
[ 11: Hyperthymesic Detail ]
The detail of a photograph, which was to prove crucial in the search for something extremely specific.
[ Twelve of What ]
Two adjacent places that relate to (4:) A True Story, but have nothing to do with it.
[ 13: Time Travels of a Savant ]
A snapshot of a Savant’s search for a very specific view, as seen from a particular place towards another, particular, place in New York City. The moment the view had originally been captured does not exist any more.
[ 14: The Importance of Writing ]
A series of images.
[ 15: Preliminary Explanation ]
An attempt to describe, and therefore define, a process that at its initiation had no other purpose than itself.
[ 16: The Protagonist ]
Another moment in a process; a moment that, at this moment, does not exist.