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22: Nostalgia

A fellow user named Hamsa, 43, who also hangs out in the Taunusanlage, paints a […] picture of the time when heroin was still the favoured drug in the Bahnhofsviertel: “Back then, everyone was friends. People talked to each other, did things together. Now that’s all over.  These days, drug addicts can stay awake for days at a time, just looking for ways to support their habits. Any sense of community is long gone.

(source: vice.com/en_uk/read/welcome-to-germanys-crack-capital-876)

Family Tree

For my parents wedding anniversary in 2012 I produced Family Tree, a lamp with a lampshade that’s made up from family photographs, covering the lives of my parents – from when they were born – their six children and 7 grand children (with 2 more on their way).

Diameter: 33cm
Height: 30cm (60cm including stand)
Below is a small selection of photos from the lampshade.

© by Rupert Jaeger, all rights reserved